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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Webs Best Hair Care & Beauty Stores

I have noticed over the past two years that many of the websites for hair care such as salon hair products has reopened and many others like has become a powerhouse in the hair care products industry and Spiral Hair Case and Folica are still here and sites like Skin Store and Spa Look are still going Strong as well as World of Hair Care and Iwant that Hair as well as Salonweb and their many hair vitamins sites.

Some of the new products that have come on the market are home body wraps, Mastey and Abba Pure seem to be some of the top selling along with the Frederrick Fekkai and Alterna Hair Lines and now more than ever people seem to be flocking toward the dead sea hair care and skin care products. For example Ahava now has a foot hold in the Professional skin care market as a dead sea high end skin care line.

Silver shampoo for dandruff and enzyme hair shampoos are starting to make a big splash in the industry and I have tried both of these personally and they have given me very good results for my personal dermatitis problem and scalp itch.



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