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Friday, January 25, 2008

Lets talk spa for hands

Everybody has heard of the famous one minute manicure but did you know that there is a better product than just oils for the hands. The oils are good for hydration but they do nothing for tightening the skin or ridding the hands of built up toxins in the skin that cause the skin to premature age. It is important to note that hands are the most exposed to toxins with all that we touch. And yet the hands are also treated the harhest because of all the soaps that are used on them and the soaps tend to be very harsh.
So what can you do? How about Spa Hands. Listen to what all spa hands has to offer. First your hands wil be deotixified and then they wil be moisturized all in the same setting but most important we use a magic ingredient called Rhassoul Clay which is known to reduce dryness by over 79% and tighten and firm skin by over 60% and finally it evens out the complexion on the skin and helps to do away with dark spots and white spots.
There is no better product for keeping your hands looking good - an ating aging hand spa therpay if you will. You will notice a difference right away.


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