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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Newest Spa Sensation Are Facial Wraps & Masks

We get a lot of questions about whether body wraps work or not and hte answer is without a doubt - yes they work and they typically work well if the proper ingredients are used to make your body wraps or facial masks. Some of the more popluar items are breast firming masks, wraps for firming loose skin (after weight loss, after pregnancy and much more), seaweed wraps for cellulite and then of course the dead sea wraps that are used for muscle and joint pain as well as purifying and detoxifying the skin and body as well as mud masques for the hair. Even newer products including spa hand wraps that deter and reverse the signs of aging on the hands incuding dry and wrinkled hands as well as age spots and brown spots.
Dead sea mud is also used for lightening the skin and works well for stretch marks, skin scars, skin tears, c section scars, dark spots or age spots as well as liver spots and sun spots to name a few. We also have a lot of African Americans that use dead sea mud and wraps to lighten the skin on their body and improve their complexion.
You can either buy these wraps pre made at specialty spa stores (highest cost), or you can buy them online (medium cost) or you can make them youself (the best cost). If you want to learn how to make body wraps or buy body wrap ingredients then we suggest that you visit for a tutorial and for purchasing whole body wrap ingredients.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding body wraps, facial masks, breat firming masks and much more. And remmeber that body wraps are 100% organic skin care products.


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