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Friday, February 1, 2008

A Body Wrap Ingredients Follow Up

We received such an amazing response to the last article on body wraps that we are following it up with some more information. First of all - yes it is true that you can make your own body wrap but don't do it with a little of this and a little of that so to speak. Make sure that you have learned some about the body wraps nd ingredients that you are using or make sure to follow some pretty good formulas and I have to tell you that 99% of the formulas that we find on the market are nt good formulas for those that want the real results - the slimming, the inch loss, the serious skin and body detox and all those other good things that a good wrap can do.
In the last post we mentioned and we stand by this listing in a big way. Get her ebook and learn how to make body wraps like the actual professional companies do and even the spas don't know how they are making them but now you can and its only $35. You can't beat that. Waps can be amazing - I have had some really good ones and some that did flop. I am convinced that the only thing that matters is that you follow the prep protocal and that you also follow the recipes or learn to make your own.



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