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Friday, February 29, 2008

WHy Use Dead Sea Shampoo

Why Use Dead Sea Shampoo?
The Dead Sea has been popular for its healing abilities and being the only place on earth to be considered a natural spa. Because of its natural unique location, the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea mud are rich in minerals that are good to the body most especially the skin. It alone is powerful enough to detoxify your skin and make it clean and healthy. Sometimes it is also used in combination with other natural ingredients to form commercial products. It is being used as facials, body wraps, soap and hair wraps.
It is also being used as a shampoo. Dead Sea shampoos are found to good for the hair. It has the ability to cleanse the hair with thoroughness. But unlike chemically formulated shampoos, the Dead Sea shampoo is gentle to your hair and to your scalp. In fact, Dead Sea mud is even utilized to help eradicate dandruff and scalp acne. People with dandruff would usually apply mud mask on their scalp to treat remove dandruff and to make their scalp healthy again. Dead Sea is very effective in stopping extra hair oiliness and it also helps make hair roots become sturdier.
If Dead Sea is good for the hair and it can even help cure dandruff and scalp acne, it should be a good shampoo too. It would possess the same detoxifying and strengthening properties other Dead Sea hair products have. Dead Sea shampoos would first cleanse your hair. Then it would nourish your hair with the many minerals it contains. It would also prevent your scalp and your hair from drying.

If you’re wondering how Dead Sea would be able to do this, it’s actually the minerals found in Dead Sea that would be working wonders to your hair. Dead Sea has calcium to provide balance in your hair. Iron will help strengthen your hair. Potassium, of course, would maintain moisture and water balance on the scalp and the hair. These minerals plus the other minerals found in Dead Sea would all together take care of your hair naturally with damaging it.

It’s important to note that taking care of your hair means taking care of your scalp too. If Dead Sea is good for the skin, it should be good for the scalp too. Using Dead Sea shampoo will not only help you eradicate existing hair and scalp problems. It will also help you prevent these diseases and it will help you maintain a strong and healthy hair.


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