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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nano Technology for Spider Veins and Dark Circles

There are many new products on the market but few have created the buzz that nano skin care technology has as the nano particles are much smaller and penetrate the skin much better than a typical size particle and this means that issues that are truly beneath the skin are now responding much better to nano technology ingredients.

For example spider veins - these veins are visible on the surface but the actual spider vein itself is beneath the surface. It has been proven that certain herbal ingredients along with a specific type of vitamin k will reduce the appearance of spider veins draastically - however the problem was not whether the ingredients would work but instead how to get the vitain k directly to the vein. Now with nano technology this is not a problem as the nano ingredients are penetrating and reach the vein with very effective amounts of vitamin k for spider veins and even for varicose veins.

This is also the case with reducing dark circles around the eyes. these dark circles are pooling blood and the circulation and elimination must be enhanced for the dark circles to be diminished. With nano technology this is the case. All in all nano technology for skin care is a breakthrough and will be the future to come for skin firming and eliminating sagging skin issues. Nano technology also works with stretch marks, hair care, skin care and even body related products including issies as well. ENSBIO also manufactures products fro scalp treatments.


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