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Friday, February 29, 2008

WHy Use Dead Sea Shampoo

Why Use Dead Sea Shampoo?
The Dead Sea has been popular for its healing abilities and being the only place on earth to be considered a natural spa. Because of its natural unique location, the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea mud are rich in minerals that are good to the body most especially the skin. It alone is powerful enough to detoxify your skin and make it clean and healthy. Sometimes it is also used in combination with other natural ingredients to form commercial products. It is being used as facials, body wraps, soap and hair wraps.
It is also being used as a shampoo. Dead Sea shampoos are found to good for the hair. It has the ability to cleanse the hair with thoroughness. But unlike chemically formulated shampoos, the Dead Sea shampoo is gentle to your hair and to your scalp. In fact, Dead Sea mud is even utilized to help eradicate dandruff and scalp acne. People with dandruff would usually apply mud mask on their scalp to treat remove dandruff and to make their scalp healthy again. Dead Sea is very effective in stopping extra hair oiliness and it also helps make hair roots become sturdier.
If Dead Sea is good for the hair and it can even help cure dandruff and scalp acne, it should be a good shampoo too. It would possess the same detoxifying and strengthening properties other Dead Sea hair products have. Dead Sea shampoos would first cleanse your hair. Then it would nourish your hair with the many minerals it contains. It would also prevent your scalp and your hair from drying.

If you’re wondering how Dead Sea would be able to do this, it’s actually the minerals found in Dead Sea that would be working wonders to your hair. Dead Sea has calcium to provide balance in your hair. Iron will help strengthen your hair. Potassium, of course, would maintain moisture and water balance on the scalp and the hair. These minerals plus the other minerals found in Dead Sea would all together take care of your hair naturally with damaging it.

It’s important to note that taking care of your hair means taking care of your scalp too. If Dead Sea is good for the skin, it should be good for the scalp too. Using Dead Sea shampoo will not only help you eradicate existing hair and scalp problems. It will also help you prevent these diseases and it will help you maintain a strong and healthy hair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Salon Hair Products Versus The Cheaper Products

How are Salon Hair Shampoos Different from Drugstore or Cheaper Shampoos

Choosing the right product to take good care of your hair can be very frustrating. Because of several products available in the market especially in drugstores, people search over the counter shampoos to find fast solution for their hair. But can these products provide you with healthy, good looking hair? To know more about it, read below to see the difference between salon hair shampoos and cheaper drugstore shampoos.

1. If there’s one person who knows how to make your hair look stunning, that will be your professional hair stylist. Their recommendation in purchasing hair products can give you peace of mind. You can also ask questions on how frequent these products can be used. Unlike other cheaper shampoos bought in drugstores, information is just limited at the back label of the product.
2. Salon hair shampoos have higher concentrated active ingredients compared to those purchased in drugstores. You don’t have to put a lot to get the style you want. This can save you money and you don’t have to worry about buying another one in just a few days.
3. Effects of cheaper drugstore shampoos do not last unlike professional salon products.
4. Most drugstore products like shampoos contain ingredients like ammonium laurel sulfate, sodium laurel sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate. These products are added to create a thick lather in your hair. While some think that having rich lather is better, this does not guarantee that it will thoroughly clean your hair. In fact, these ingredients are harmful to your hair and scalp.
5. Having conditioners in your shampoo is very important to maintain good health of your hair. This will help seal the cuticle hair shaft of your hair to provide you with shiny and smooth hair. Drugstore products say that they have moisturizing ingredients. However, these ingredients are not enough to moisturize your hair. Your hair needs proteins, amino acids and keratin to restore your hair from damage. This will prevent you from having brittle and dry hair.

Salon hair shampoos are better than drugstore products or even cheaper shampoos. With salon products you can get recommendations from your professional stylist that knows your hair. So to keep a beautiful healthy hair, you need to check the ingredients and make sure you don’t settle for anything just because it’s cheaper.

Monday, February 11, 2008

How Do Body Wraps Work

These days, people come to spas to get body wrap treatments to help them relieve their muscle pains, stress and undernourished skin. For some time now people have seen the benefits of herbal body wraps to rejuvenate their skin and reduce those unwanted inches in their body. Herbal wraps are very popular in improving your skin and toning your body. This enhances the texture of your skin especially those who have loose skin from their post pregnancy and weight loss.

Those with joint and muscle inflammation can benefit from this treatment. Even a simple mixture of natural sea salt and clay can provide you benefits. In this simple wrap, you add more ingredients like herbs and two tablespoons of essential oils. Essential oils such as lemon, sage, lemongrass rosemary, olive oil and grapefruit can be used in doing herbal body wraps. Herbs can be added like ground basil, Alfalfa leaf powder, rose petal powder, chamomile flower powder and rosehip powder.

Herbal body wraps basically works by reducing the size of fat cells. These herbal ingredients are warmed before it can be applied in your open pores. This takes away toxic accumulation on your skin and also on the layers of your tissue. This helps your body to shrink down your fat cells, thus reducing the measurements of your body. These herbs and minerals go though your cell walls and allow the lipids to let go in your lymphatic system. Your fat is distributed naturally and released by natural processes of the body.

Herbal body wrap is a very effective way to get rid of the toxins in the body. It actually puts back the lost minerals your body in your body. Herbs like pure aloe can work as a carrier, transferring the formula to adipose layer. This then breaks down your cellulite and fat cells. As a result, you will have a smoother, firmer and healthier skin. Today in our environment, it is impossible to stay away from daily pollution and harmful chemicals. Even products like lotions, perfumes, UV rays and other environmental conditions can add up stress to your skin. That is why regular detoxification and herbal wraps are needed to help you get rid of dangerous substances and chemicals absorbed in your skin.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Body Wrap Ingredients Follow Up

We received such an amazing response to the last article on body wraps that we are following it up with some more information. First of all - yes it is true that you can make your own body wrap but don't do it with a little of this and a little of that so to speak. Make sure that you have learned some about the body wraps nd ingredients that you are using or make sure to follow some pretty good formulas and I have to tell you that 99% of the formulas that we find on the market are nt good formulas for those that want the real results - the slimming, the inch loss, the serious skin and body detox and all those other good things that a good wrap can do.
In the last post we mentioned and we stand by this listing in a big way. Get her ebook and learn how to make body wraps like the actual professional companies do and even the spas don't know how they are making them but now you can and its only $35. You can't beat that. Waps can be amazing - I have had some really good ones and some that did flop. I am convinced that the only thing that matters is that you follow the prep protocal and that you also follow the recipes or learn to make your own.